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I'm currently sitting in a place called "the captain condom lounge" in 'cabbages & condoms restaurant'. theres some pretty hunky manikins sporting the latest in clothes made out of condoms. ohhh thailand. this place also really smells of that stuff you use to unblock noses with.
in the first hotel it had these pretty beautiful gardens evertwhere and palm trees alike but what made it more beautiful was the amount of incredibly chubby middle aged men walking around in speedos hunting for thai wives and german kids with rat tails. just my kind of people.

THEY SELL CHEAP DODGY SLIPKNOT MASKS HERE!!! :D i was tempted to get some corny looking wrestling badges too but i relaised i have hardly anymoney. i'm gonna be broke as hell when i get back.
what more can you want in life. of course i had to go for the dick nose.
we also got the oc series 1 & 2 for about 15 bar and they have helluva lot of fp shirts 'n' stuff for about $3 ( i can find the pound sign! )
we havn't really done much apart from sitting around the pool relaxing in this bloody nice hotel. the next weeks going to be all the hectic city & sight seeing. i also read the catcher in the rye and i thoguth it was greeeeeet. i really need to start reading again. all i've got
i'm kind of glad to get out of brighton but then again i kind a miss it.
oh fuck it i'm in thailand!
i'm going to go and get a massage now..
hope allss welllllll
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