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friday night we decided to pop down to see school people as exams had just finished getting pissed at the park, suckled on me drink and did a bit of skating, kim made us stay there till about 10, then we bombarded upto olivias whre about 874982347234834474083 people were, and it would of been an awsome party if i wasnt so tired from my 6 ghour sleeps during the exam period! her hosue was bloomin massive and it had it all, but im sure everyone onm here was there anyway so i'll shut up. i felt pretty sorry for the sober girl who stuck upstairs alnight looking after it and controllign the electic gate. ha

saturday i slept! and then headed to the beach, and wasted most of my monmey on a rank £4 but it was so appealing at the time. and swam in the grimey grimey sea.

sunday...was fathers day! and went to the new gourmet burget place which was scrumptious.

monday! wen to town with kim to buy minty her birthday present, who kepy complaining how crap the day was gonna be, but turned out to be pretty great! got micheal a really exiting birthday present...some grey card - he wanted it ?? got minty soem sweets fro mthe 99p store, and met emile lauren aimi 'n' rosa which was a treat! i also got a bag of chewit sours mainly for the apples. we bumped into poppy but that mgith of been arranged and me 'n' kim went to the park with her. jumped around i nthe kids playground, felt a bit uncomfortable and decided to leave them alone and went home to eat intit! i know i did something that night...but i dont know what it was ?

tuesday ? i've completly forgotten - im so shit at this.

wednesday! went to town and met emile aimi lauren and rosa again to meet hailey - but she was no where to be found! then....BAM! it was mintys camping party! experiance the refugee lifestyle as about 8 of us piled up lying around slumped in the back of mintys dads van. got there set up and whipped out the wine and attempted to man the bbq. and the night was spent just sitting around the fire dancing around, and hilarious coupels forming aka madeline and jetsun ;) and plenty more things happened!, then morning struck. and i ended up running around in womans clothes with smoking packets and beer bottles stuffed everywhere jumping around with the boombox slapping meat on wills tent and dancing around like a madman. spin the bottle got ressurected from 2 years ago. jetsun is probably my second favorite man at moment ( dog being the first ) stumbling around with a horribly cheesy smile and laugh grabbing girls faces and pulling thenm to the groundm, still terying to pull then at 5am, hes such a funny guy. then there was the wait to get a drive home

thursday! i slept till 6pm and then went to my dads to have a meal to celbrate the end of exams. went to this pop art war private view thing, and ended up getting our picture taken fo latest homes, in which i decided to say my name was ' willis golddust' but OH NO i had to chicken out and say my name was willis burgess, so great im now known as that.
then went back to his and had a delish meal.

FRIDAY ( sorry we're nearly at the end ) i went to town to get my prom outfit, and ended up getting a £15 jacket from traid , and the ol shirt 'n' tie. but i 've still gotta find me a bottom half unless i just go commamanda, which no one wants. aftwerwards went to the park! and then on the spare of the moment hopped on the bus to ringmer to go to tim and josies party with sadie reel rosa and naomi. got horribly drunk, drinking most drinks under the sun, some year 10's turned up with was a zainy suprise. wondered around horrendously drunk meeting some! awsome people , but probaly came across as a twat.met josie who's lovely!ever so drunkly, stumlbed aorund probably makign a twat out of myself some more... ended up making a well comfy bed out of about 25 towels !in the bathroom as there was no where to sleep. still suprised i hadnt thrown up i nthe morning got the grimey bus home with reel and sadie annd then went home!.

saturday ... stayed in and watched true romance ! and then went to gills dressed as a horrible mulleted crunky hybrid, with a bldne mustache, a lovely blodne mullet, and created a lil jon wife beater, with leather fingerless gloves - it was a good look.

sunday - did exatly the same as saturday : lazed around in my pajammy b's and watched 24 hour party people. and then went to mintys in the evening and had a lovely time! sitting aorund chattin and then whipping out the strobe lights and dancing around.

and today is'nt really worth writing about because i'm as bored writing this as your bored reading my sloppy badly written entry!

if you read all of this please contact me and i'll give an either tooty frutti ( probably made by some drunk maniac deciding to chuck all the worst fruit flavours together for a laugh ) or lemon sour starburst sweet ! i've got way too much as i only boguth them for the apple ones.

heres some pictures og the three amegosd party ages ago to make up for this lenghthy piece!

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tommoo and lauren battling it out in a feet dual.
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pretty self explanitory
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
got greeted by rosie at the station!
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mr t
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jessie and our beautful sloppy eye liner mustaches
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i dont know who this is but thier outfit is stunning!
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OH HELLO AIMI! she's got all da sex appeal

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