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hello live journal!
todays been a pretty nice and happening day!
i woke uo at my dad's flat on the beach and then decided to go for such a nice skate/ walk on the back with my ipod and took pictures for my art ' location ' project. it was sucha bloomin nice weather!

Then i met my dad and Louise to go and look around a house on havolock road wehich they ended up putting an offer on later, which will be wicked if they get it, as i'll get to see him a hell of a lot more than i do now

Then i came back here, and decided to make a awful song. which i managed to accomplish pretty well with my toy drum kit i got from berlin, an old acoustic guitar, a synthy keyboard and me just talkig lots of crap over the top. it ended up being called ' theres a mad man in my hair. great.
Then me father and louise came back for a cuppa tea
Then i went for a skate at balfour to re-live year 8 with sam and kim, and managed to learn a skonkin 4 new totally radical tricks man, which is crackin as i never learn anything new ( because this must be so interesting for you )

Last night i went to my dad's house and watched a few episodes of brass eye, and managed to see 4 fights in the same spot with completly different people, in the same night- when did wednesday nights get so rowdy ?
I also managed to spot a few familier faces in the boarders crew heading off for a beach partyy- wicked!

The night before went for a skonkin meal at pablo's with pretty much the whole school crew ( plus girlfriends/ boyfriend and minus rob. )dressed in formal atire, and sneaking strongbow underneath the table - lovely jubbly!

and before all that there was PATRICKS which was crackin! CHARLOTTES which wasnt so crackin but had some good moments, such as rob taking care of about 4 drunken girls, setting charlottes new laptop deskop background to some graphic porn jetsun had found,and katy lucas throwing up everywhere, and jackie chan fight scenes.

then there was leannes which i was marvellous, as apprehensive as i was about it at first not really being invited, everyone was really nice and loads of crackin people were there and i had really good time!

OH YEAH GUYS AND DOLLS. Finally did guys and dolls which tuend out to be incredibly fun/ tiring, but it was agood experiance and i was really glad i did it- then adams after was crackin with bloody good laughnig gas and sam's indie set, and dancing with mr willis - oh yes.
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I couldn't take rob seriously, i couldnt look at him without laughing for half of the nights, it got worse when he went for a handle bar maustache.

The weekend before that went to some mad party in worthing which verity invited me to, made friends with all the geezer train staff ( turns out they didnt care about theyre jobs atall and just wanted to get pissed !)when we arrived it really was'nt very happening. In the way that there were some incredbly boring emo kids there, who just didnt move all night, and were just rude ? but then thr party spiced up talked to some pretty nice 20 year olds, matts ;laughnig gas wasnt much of a hit so we finished it all on the train back.

and when coming across WWE experiance last sunday its lovely to know Mick Foley's back with his hardcore matches

YEAH! so I'm pretty happy at the moment being on holidays and it being tee shirt weather 'n' all, and also the old sweet sixteenth soon
I hope everyones all good and thanks if you could actualy be bothered to read this
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