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well i foundmyself at 11 o clock in the last form time of year 10. mr taylore couldnt be botehred to get us any sweets / drnik but luckily milly made some horrible looking / nice tasting caked and aiden and jack won swets in some football thing

10PT ( yes!!!) won some masive award it was SO good. crap jp. they showed a video of me playing guitar which i dint know was gonnabe shown so i was just messing around and smiling manically in it and occaisoionly sticking my thumbs up it was crigning.. MR DOE LEFT!!! AHHHHHH i was upset we made him massive card and he gace us a watermelon

RINGMER... was full of grunge kids with skull bandanas on thier head but it was all good. we all manahed to get wankerd by 7:30 and stumbled aroundm talkni to people and trampolinging
we went to bed at 11:30!!!
but then i decided to wounder around on my own at about 1 and met loads of ncie goths on the teramploine.. managed to convince some guy i was a coke head and new a dealer in brighon called senior conbuffy...
then returend to bed were i gotta bit of kip but hen this pillock just burst intoi our twnt constantly talking and swearing and tlaknig about hisballs and virginas
we lay on the trampolinme at 4 and sadies glasses were beautiful.

none of us could wait to get out od there in the morning. it was pretty poor as hardly anyone was there but TIGGY was!

mr doe update on its way ...

niw i feel absouloutly horrible / my heart hurts

im gonig to finish recording ' KIDNAP MOTHERFUCKER' at caz's after some rice pudding.

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